Hello boys coming-of-age films & videos lovers, I am YouBoiz. I am just a simple guy (with a boring insurance agent job), who finds solace in exploring the wonders withheld by the universe of art and cinema. I try my best to convey the thoughts that washes over me when watching different works of cinema. I believe in the transformative power of the cinematic art. I believe that the great masters of cinema have sculpted my thoughts to be a better human being. I hope that despite my meandering writing style (and not-so-good articulation) you were able to discover some important works of boys coming of age cinema from reading these blog posts. I’d like to be a film scholar or a really good movie analyst one day. YouBoiz focuses on coming of age films. Another exciting new addition to the site are the regular contributions of several guest authors who provide different perspectives on a variety of topics. YouBoiz features articles and reviews of coming of age movies, music and books with a focus on adolescent development and on young people in the performing arts.