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The Speedo Boys

I remember a time here in the states when boys would wear speedo like bathing suit to the pool or beach,now they wear those boy Burqas that hang down to their knee's or lower. When I was a kid, I took my swimming classes with speedos like most of my swimmates, but now everyone uses those horrible jammers in the pool, and when they go to the beach the boys wear those horrible bermuda shorts until knees.
How I'd like come back the fashion of the 1970s and 1980s of the last century, when the clothes were adjusted to the body, the shorts were very shorts and all the boys used speedos on the beaches and pools. I sometimes wear speedos when I go swimming, can't stand those long baggy shorts that everyone seems to wear these days.. I'm interested in learning about what you guys think on the fashion of boys in the modern world. In my view, there are plus and minuses in boys clothes today. I'm a huge fan of boys wearing their sports jerseys in public today. I also notice that when boys wear socks they tend to pull them up all the way. 
I know that some here don't like that style, but I'm ok with it. Also, I've observed that less boys wear jeans today. More boys are choosing to wear tight weatpants (which I admit looks cool, but lacks class). I'll say that boys are very attracted to bright colors these days. Everything from their shoes, socks, and shirt. I noticed that only American boys tend to pull their socks all the way up, I don't really know why only Americans do that, It looks so silly  and it seems they don't know how's the trend is going outside the US since they only look to the world through their TV screens not their windows. Luckily there are big differences between European and American fashion. In my opinion European fashion is getting better every year while American fashion is getting worse. Why I like the current European style? The shapes are even more clear because most of the time the pants have one basic color. Boys are showing their identity with their shirt and  hairstyle which result in many playful shirts and a big variety in  hairstyles. Sport shoes with long sport socks, oversize shorts with ugly patterns, and oversize basic shirts. Absolutely tasteless. Don't get me started about the mismatching neon colors. Luckily many young teens make the switch to the European style. Most of the boys I know that wear those awful swim shirts are doing so for protection against sunburn. So I don't get asked to apply sunscreen anymore!
speedo boys
Boy actors Francesco Casisa (as Pasquale) and Filippo Pucillo (as Filippo) in the Italian film Respiro
Europeans tend to dress far more elegantly than Americans. Boys dress in clothing that actually fits them in Europe, whereas in the US I have only noticed that this trend may just be catching on, at least based on the media I've been watching. There is still a phobia about wearing swimming attire that is tight or revealing, unless one is a professional or in some club, not only from the boys themselves, but from the adults as well. One boy I knew wanted to wear his competitive swimming shorts to the pool, but his father said "No, the other boys will make fun of you."