Lasse Nielsen Films

Lasse Nielsen is a Danish 1970s films producer born on April 15 1950 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark's one of best known film makers with sensitive subjects being dealt with publicly. Lasse Nielson is a great mark in European cinema for coming-of-age movies manifested in many tremendous works of art such as You Are Not Alone (Du er ikke alene) released in 1978 for which he got the Chicago's internation festival of film award and also La' os være released in 1975 for which he got the Festival of Berlin award.
Du er ikke alene film making of 1977

Du er ikke alene final scene
During his training, Lasse Nielson said he prefered to speak through images rather than writing. Shortly after he graduated he produced his first film La' os være. He collaborated with the Danish composed Sebastian in many of his works. You Are Not Alone (Du er ikke alene is a unique 1970s film. For those of you who enjoy coming of age videos as much as I do you may relate to my appreciation of the relashionship between the two boy protagonists form, their unique attributes, their ability to do so many things, their ability to be playful and serious at all stages of the movie.

La' os være making of 1974
They are just as prone to prove they can throw a ball farther than others as they are to prove they can do whatever they like and love. Of course,  nowadays society will do what it can to crush their innate desire. 
Lasse Nielson's 1970s vintage films were considered okay during that era but they are somehow making a big deal of controversy especially now in the United States because of the subjects being treated and also due to the "infamous" nudity scene of Bo (15 years old) and Kim (12 years old) having a  shower together. Nielson was asked about that in 2011 for a possibilty of remake of  the film and he replied with his very famous statement: "No, I don’t believe the film could be made today. We have an unfortunate situation of self-censorship these days." 

Nielson's films are Danish, and among most Europeans, South and Central Americans... actually, most of the world that is not English speaking, young boys relashionships is a right of passage, not an abuse. Boys being curious about it and wanting to esperience love when they're  young is part of the normal culture. And, the idea of a boy being curious about his sexuality is considered noble.You'll find it in a LOT of movies, with the 13/14 year old boy having his first real  experience. And the general cultural impression of this is, "Yep, that makes sense."