Boy Of The Terraces: My Personal Memories

This world really is in a sad and sorry state in so many ways nowadays. Don't get me wrong, though. I do love the good, positive things about most technological advancements and the Internet, but I just wish that these things weren't *everywhere* constantly and driving people apart. That's why I don't have a cell phone either, nor do I have any other little gadgets and gizmos that are designed to make it so that you're "plugged in" all day every day. I have my laptops, and that's good enough for me, and I pretty much never take those with me when I leave the house. In fact, I can't remember the last time that I did. I don't need to be "plugged in" all the time. As a Tunisian guy who spent all his childhood in the old city of Tunis where the events of "Boy of the Terraces" took place, I do really wish that there were still a strong sense of community in neighborhoods nowadays and that people didn't have this initial fear of each other that they do with people they don't know, that lack of trust that has been hammered into society over time. There's nothing wrong with being cautious, but it's gotten to the point to where most people think that if, for example, as a boy in Alhalfaouine you go to the women's public bath when you were 10 or 12, you're probably out to get hurt and bullyed by your friends or even the women inside. 
Slim Boukhdir in Boy of the Terraces
It was a tradition for us back then but not anymore these days..I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I ever did enjoy those times which the producer of the movie has exposed them magnificently, although I know I don't have to worry about that since I never would anyway because just the mere thought of missing my old neighborhood is appalling to me. I absolutely *love* to see me live like those days as an other " Noura" feeling good and being happy and building my self esteem in a very conservative environment, and in the same way it hurts me tremendously to see how much changes destroying that wonderful traditional Tunisian lifestye..