Other Kind Of Fans

Jacob Sartorius
This is a very special post as it is about an other kind of love which is in most cases hidden and so secretive. What if a regular boy fan has a crush on an other celebrity boy! Yes it sounds so awkward but there are almost a hundred Emails sent to us about that! First let me talk about  Jacob Sartorius and he is certainly so cute, and his confidence makes him hotter. Been around celebrities. Some are quite needy, and pluck at your heart strings, but, in the end, they are celebrities. Most of the people around them are insincere and just using them. They don't understand genuine relationships. They cannot have them. And, I've found, no matter how cute and succesful the boy star is , you can find a nice  and maybe more intelligent and succesful boy down on the beach to appreciate, who is just as beautiful, if not cuter. Without the glaring spotlights, constant spies, and general insincerity. And you can see Joacob made all that and with all his simple lifestyle. 

But anyway, they'll naturally assume, no matter how good you are to them, or how much you love them, that you're as false as all the others who claim to genuinely care, but really don't. And, they are as likely to turn on you out of convenience, as anything else. Also, celebrities love attention. If the fame starts to fade, going on a big talk show and confessing they were not treated good is a guaranteed way to get back in the headlines, get a few new starring roles, and have a shot at rekindling a flagging career. Seen it more than a few times. But anyway I wish all luck to Jacob Sartorius and I wish him a very awesome celebrity career especially in his singing and his new vlogging channel which appears to be very interesting and cool with all those funny videos of him. Just do a very quick search on YouTube: Jacob Sartorius and you'll get amazing videos results. I had an E-mail from this 13-year-old boy  who is a fan of Jacob Sartorius and I don't know how to react to his text as he said he just wants to write some words, even if he feels kind of being  just a lurker. He says he has the big luck, to have some wonderful boys around him almost every day. They are the reason he likes his life. Specially to one of them he is in deep love and he means Jacob Sartorius. He says wow, what a wonderful boy he is! But then, there comes the moment, Jacob had to leave . That´s making him so sad all the time. It is so hard to stand that moment and the time he is missing him.

So his life is full of great pleasure as he mentioned in his message. But there is also so much time he feel lonely and only want to have Jacob close to him. So at the end: complicated life. He finally asked us: Any of you have the same problem and suggestions, how to stand it?

So for an answer first I really don't mind anyone being gay or anythingelse he is and not he wants because I do believe  that is not a choice. The intensity of your sadness is equal to the intensity of your happiness. The more you'll be happy, the more you'll be sad. In my opinion, you should try to be a little less happy when the boys are around you, and a little less sad when they are away. In other words, you should try to control your emotions by actively evening out the intensity of your feelings. You can only do this by SLIGHTLY detaching yourself from anyone you love when they are around you BUT you'll feel them closer to you when they are away. By doing this, it may seem you renounce something, but actually you gain the smooth colors you didn't see before. The world is not just either black (your sadness) or white (your happiness), but instead a beautiful scale of grays (your smooth emotions).