David Arnott, the protagonist, is a 12-year old boy whos mother works as a dancer in a night club decides to protect his mom and work so that she quits her job which the boy sees as a very inappropriate behavior. Criss tries his best even dealing with dangerous guys to provide money illegally so his mom leaves the night club job. Such a noble effort made by the kid who even seems to be engaged in some sort of a gay relationship with other dudes but it is not the case as he does not have any gay tendencies at all. That is clearly revealed through his relationship with his girlfriend. I saw the film a couple of times and I really do like the way Criss rides his bike shirtless with his jeans short shorts, something very common in Florida with a hot weather. The first time i watched this movie was back in 1993 on the old laserdisc format and i waited so long years so MGM releases the DVD version of it which is of course way very nicer as it allowed me to better watch the beauty of Criss, one of the nicest boys in cinema history. The film is produced by Goldie Hawn and it is rated R for nudity and vulgarity. The story line is an amazing family tragedy as it is broken since the father had left his wife and boy alone facing harsh conditions.

The father who used to work as a bomber airplane pilot abandoned his family because he had rough times after targeting  an orphanage during the Vietnam war leaving his wife Tracy, who happens to be the producer of the film, alone struggling raising her son Criss. She decides to work as a dancer in a nightclub and she tries to hide that reality but later the boy discovered what his mom does to get pay their bills. The shock for him was tremendous when he saw he on stage.

David Arnott in CrissCross

During those events it is so obvious that Tracy tries to show her dramatic skills but it did not work without the great performance of David Arnott, a coming of age troubled young teen boy with all his innocence and vulnerability. However what I don't really understand is why David Arnott didn't make an other movie after CrissCross despite his powerful performance. It's really so frustrating to not watch such a fine boy in other films. But anyway, Chris Menges did a great job not to mention Sott Sommer's nice story.

David Arnott in CrissCross

CrissCross is a real masterpiece, a wonderful combination of very touching drama and boys beauty. Criss has survived two massive turning points in his life as his dad left him and his mom then his mom herself made him look very embarrassed as she does what he thinks something very dishonorable and even a betrayal to the memories of his father. And that made the beautiful boy do several side jobs including dangerous ones to make his mom stop. David Arnott resembles River Phoenix both in his boy beauty and his unforgettable performance and I should also thank the director who dipped the viewers into the world of the 1970's when boys looked prettier.