Let's Be Friends 1978

I think one thing that makes the "Let's Be Friends" movie so great, is that their parents really made an effort to give him something extraordinary for his birthday (they're not wealthy people, as you can see), and the kid, unlike many spoiled boys, really understood the great sacrifice their parents made. It wasn't the gift what made the day for him, it was his parents' effort. And, thanks to that, he got something he thought he would never get, so the boy was so grateful about it that you can actually feel it inside your heart. A well deserved gift for an extraordinary boy who, in that video, shows he's not only a kid that understands sacrifice (his and from his parents), but also has a soul so pure and innocent that can't believe such a good thing is actually happening to him. Another part of the film that always break my heart is when, almost at the end, he tries to give some money to his dad, like saying "you didn't have to make such a sacrifice for me, so accept this in retribution". What a lovely, extraordinary boy. 

I showed this video to a friend: She yelled at me because I was deliberately making her cry with a video. This just shows us what making kids happy is all about. The one thing we can't buy , rent or steal is a kid's unconditional love. That is what made us all tear up. That is what we all want to see. That is what makes our day, after the plane crashes and war zones and road rage at 6pm and 11pm on the telly. 
Parents who want and try to give their kids special moments deserve all the thanks we can give them. Making a kid happy today, is making a kid who will grow up and do it for more kids. The same emotions burst into me when I watched this old vintage German movie too two years ago; thought I'd be in control of things this time - NO CHANCE - tears flowed just as strongly as before. Sharing a video that had me blubbing and also made my faith in human nature that bit stronger. It's utterly a very nice film to watch.