Secret World Movie

Released in 1969 in France by directors Robert Freeman and Paul Feyder manifesting the strong feelings of 11 years old François towards a girl way much older than him. The young protagonist (Jean François Vlerick) an orphan taken care by his aunt and uncle is a perfet image of a kid who is going through a pefect coming of age phase. A rebillious young man hitting on his dad's mistress.

François is a typial boy of his age desperately in need of a female attention is trying to get a mother's love which he had been looking for since he lost his mom.  Despite the movie's intriguing opening sene and the wonderful picture at that time of cinema works, it successfuly portrays the sensible nature of a child's mind. At the finale, the viewer is let to select the genre of the film as the musical score is not utterly identified with the whole piano pieces which can be associated with other genres of movies such as tragedies and even horror movies.

Jean-Francois Vlerick and Pierre Zimmer in Secret World

The view may find a slow cource of events after the exciting opening scene and frankly it's typically normal to skip some scenes of the movie in favor of reahing the next context. I've watched it and I been kind of waiting for the next event to come. The movie has a lot of focus on the kid's inner world instead of recording the course of events which ,personally, I find a little bit depressing. However, Robert Freeman who is an official photographer of the Beatles encouragment to watch the film is enough to be patient and discover Françoi's adventure.