Small Movies- Great Ambition

Thank you Dr. Jason for sharing your feelings and your appreciation for my best blog follower Jeremy's work! Unfortunately his YouTube account is no longer active as it has been removed by YouTube staff under the usual pretexts. I don't think Jeremy disappeared from the scene anyway. I'll do my best to find him again and ask him, amongst other things, which software he used. Yes, more to come, I own some other Jeremy movies. Think "Let's Dance Movie" was created in 2011, just think what he could do, or could have done, with his skills and taste, by means of the more recent technology!
Watch the tonality of the colors of the pastels in the photograph you sent to me, They are colors which are true, intense, natural and profound. I am quite surprised to be able to see them so well on my screen, which is certainly not a high-quality one. The fact that the pastels you used had been packed inside packs of cardboard is irrelevant. Inside those packs of cardboard there were beautiful pastels. This is what counts. And let me say that the more I get old, the more it counts. And it is weird! Watching the colors of these pastels, give me the same emotion I feel when I watch the entire work especially the beautiful nature views. Perhaps because they also are true, intense, natural and profound.
I am so angry - Picture by YouBoiz
I really do encourage guys to reveal their art works and I'm kind of frustrated about how they are banned from such a great famous youtube. I can tell there is no resonable reason to delete their short movies but let's hope their small cinema works would be more appreciated in the future. They just need to take a tremendous amout of consideration into the copyright issues, that's all.