Responding To My Reader's Messages

Thank you very much for responding, and thank you for letting me know about that guy who can hopefully get me a copy of that video about the boy singer Matteo. Although it is grainy and of poor quality, I'd still love to have it because it's still a wonderful "screen gem", as I call them.
Oh, and this is unrelated to all that, but I also just wanted to mention to you real quick that -- well, first I need to tell you that I'm an overnight security guard at a hotel, and anyway, the point is that for the past couple of days, we've had a music boys bund, staying at the hotel, and I've been seeing a lot of them in the mornings because we have a very good hot breakfast there and as someone who works at the hotel, I'm allowed to have it for free, so I always do before I leave in the morning, and these past couple of days the restaurant in the hotel where the breakfast is served has been filled with bunches of cute boy singers, so I've had plenty of great eye candy to go along with my breakfast. I absolutely love it when boy artists or a group of boys from a school or something like that stay at the hotel, and I always feel so sad and upset when they end up checking out.

And now speaking of the main singer Matteo, I wish I could listen to his beautiful songs all every single day somehow. More than that, I really wish I could be very involved with his crew all and be a positive part of their precious work. ...But unfortunately I rarely end up getting to talk to any of them. I'm kicking myself now too because earlier this morning when I was eating breakfast, I saw one of the crew, who I know is named Isaac only because I heard one of the music team call him that on one of the mornings when he said good morning to him -- anyway, I saw this one guy named Isaac, who looks to be about...thirteen or fourteen if I had to guess, put waffle batter in one of the waffle-making machines and then he walked away to the far opposite corner of the room where he was sitting while it was cooking and when it beeped and he didn't get up to get it for a while 'cause I guess maybe he didn't hear it or he didn't know that that was his waffle timer that was beeping and not someone else's, and I thought to myself, "Now's my chance to have a reason to talk to him 'cause I should go over to him and tell him that the timer for his waffle beeped and that he'd better get it soon or it'll end up being burned." Unfortunately, though, I got all shy like I do a lot of times and I hesitated to go over to where he was sitting to tell him that, and then he ended up getting up shortly after that and got his waffle out anyway, so I missed my opportunity to have an excuse to talk to him. 
Even if that's all I ended up saying to him and all he said back to me was something like, "Oh, thanks," or something real quick and simple like that and we never ended up talking again, even just that one little bit of all-too-brief interaction with him would have been like gold to me and it would be a wonderful memory that I would hold dear and cherish forever. I know that probably sounds silly and ridiculous, but even just getting to interact with those guys especially Matteo at all is so wonderful of an experience to me. ...Like I said, I'm really kicking myself for not jumping up right away to do that now.