Happy People

I got too many E-mails from people asking me questions about the young star Joseph Mrabet. This boy is a pleasant surprise in the Tunisian Happy People series. As a Tunisian guy, I've watched all the episodes and that young guy is so astonishing with his amazing performance in the role of Aziz. Joseph is a pleasant surprise of the whole work presented by director Smiri. Aziz is so influenced by his unresponsible father, played by famous actor Abelli, both addicted to the internet and flirting with women and girls.

Joseph was noticed through his famous youtube channel where he used to criticize local TV shows in a very funny way with his friends. Their little videos caught the attention of director/producer M. Smiri and he was chosen to perform the role of Aziz in Happy People. Joseph says his acting experince was successful with Sawsen Malej who plays the role of his mom.

Joseph says that he got big encouragement from his crew including cameramen who gave him a big boost to gain more confidence and to be able to "snipe" the viewr's laughter. In Tunis International Radio, he said that the show had big criticism frompeople who confirm that almost all jokes in the series are stolrn from local facebook pages about jokes but he denies any of that.

Azis is the perfect portrait of the naughty boys, so annoying who just imitates his father's behaviour. However, although all that bad behaviour he keeps studying hard and taking good care of his school and homework. Personally, I think this is a good beginning of the "American-way" funny TV series and by the way this is the first time Tunisian TV views watch that kind of comedy. All I can say is keep up the good work Joseph.