A Jace Norman Particular Fan

This is an E-mail message sent by Monica,15, from California..All those guys filming Henry Danger look great, but that one I'm talking about named Jace lol is one of the ones who's particularly cute to me. His shorter stature with his cute  face and the way his hair is in the front on his forehead, which looks  cute on him, all together is just sooo cute to me. 

Jace Norman
He looks all cute and official in it and I feel like I wanna just throw my arms around him and pick him up in a loving embrace and just squeeze him to pieces! He's sooo freakin' *cuuuute*! ...But sadly this world is not a very friendly place, so I can't do that. ...Then again, I guess this world not being a friendly place is why I have my mom and dad watching me all the time, and as much as I love them, I'd give it up in exchange for a peaceful, loving world where people are nice and friendly with one another right off the bat without always having this huge "ice" to break. Yes I'd do that. I have never missed a single episode of Henry Danger.

I don't know if you remember this or not, but do you remember when you were little how easy it was to make friends? Like you'd just meet another kid and the two of you would just decide instantly or within minutes that you're friends and you would end up being great friends with them just like that. I remember when it was like that for me, and I wish so much that everyone would remain that way all throughout their lives, but sadly this extremely corrupt world has ways of making people so much less trusting and more apprehensive about being friends with someone so easily. 

Jace Norman in Henry Danger
Another one of Jace who really caught my eye is this taller boy, probably older than Jace,  who is the son of one of the cameramen, which I know because I heard him call him "Dad". This taller boy, in addition to his beautiful face, has this really great shaggy blond hair all around his head that covers his ears. I *love* that look on boys. Actually, that's always how I have my hair too. Thankfully, it is not required of me to have my hair super short for my mom likes it that way, which I'm very glad of because I don't like having my hair too short. But anyway, needless to say, I *really* wanted to throw my arms around this other taller boy too and hug him so tight and lovingly and squeeze him to pieces.

I have sooo much love Jace, and for boys who look like him in general, and I wish so much that I could be involved in their beautiful, precious lives every day. ...But sadly I know that that won't happen, at least not while we're on Earth, because it never does and my parents don't let me have a boyfriend,  ...It *deeply* saddens me sooo much to know that, but I know that's how it always goes. ...But I do know that I *will* see all of these guys again someday on TV lol, and I know that although that seems like such a long time away, in reality, that "amount of time" is actually infinitely short, because in comparison to eternity, which is what we'll all have together at some point, any amount of finite time is infinitely small in comparison to eternity, and truthfully it's nonexistent, although that's...kind of hard to explain.