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[postlink][/postlink] [starttext] The rebel boy story!! ..................... 1997 .. I got divorced from my wife. My son, was a few months old. i was 20 years old. i had been with my wife since 1994 at aged 17 when i joined the military. by late august, in a fit of depression.. i joined a youth group teaching pioneering. the group was mainly serice kids and some civilians who got together at the weekend to learn some things.. it wasn't a scout group, but we did what scouts did.. camping.. camp craft.. axe work.. canooing ect... in that group on weekend a boy.. all hair and black clothes came to me and asked what i liked about "Iron Maiden" (i wore thier T shirts all the time back then) I told him that i liked thier sound. and he said cool, i like them too. he then started following me around. and we talked about metal and hard rock and the classics like Judas Priest and Guns N Roses. I only started seeing him when i wasn't working.. i was in the military then.. so it was mainly weekends. i was still in married quarters.. as i hadn't found a house yet to live in (once you get divorced.. you are no longer allowed a married quarter). soon i found one.. in a cheap part of the civilian town close by. it was all i could afford at the time. and i moved in. it wasn't until one weekend that Aaron asked if i wanted to take him to the city so he can buy the new Iron Maiden CD when i said.. i was just moved into a new home and i was busy.. i then blurted out the street. his eyes widened. he lived 16 doors away from me at the other end of the street.. so that night he came over.. and within minuets he was making himself at home.. he bought over his cd's and placed some music on the stereo.. and started helping me unpack some final boxes i had to unpack. then he spotted my son's baby photo.. who is this dude?.. thats my son.. cool.. where is he?.. with his mum, i am divorced.. drag.. yes it is.. that hoe dunno what she is missing.. i was suddenly aware of what he said.. missing?.. i asked.. and he said.. she shouldn't have drifted dude, you are nice. i was so shocked at what i heard.. and so taken back.. and so.. happy i heard it.. it wasn't until a week later that i realized what he actually said to me. next time he came over.. he asked if he could stop over and we can talk punk all night.. i accepted.. and i made him up a bed in the spare room.. i asked about his parents.. and he said.. they don't care.. i go where i want to when i want to.. then he told me to stop with the parent shit. that is how i met Aaron. this emo punk kid.. who just did what he wanted.. when he wanted and how he wanted it.. saying what he wanted and to who he wanted.. i loved him for that.. and he was only 8 years old. i met his parents a few days later.. and asked them about thier son.. like, what sort of parent allowed their son to sleep out at aged 8?.. and they told me that no window... no lock.. no freakin walls could keep him in a house.. no rules.. no one can tell him what to do.. he is a natural born rebel. and so.. the parents did not bother anymore.. since aged 7 he was in his own world with own rules.. the father.. drinking all the time.. the mother... shouting and swearing all the time... so i told them.. that thier son.. was around my house. me.. an adult of no relation.. no history... and they did not even care. so.. i said.. well.. i will take him on then... i will try and look after him and make sure he does what he is told.. and they simply said... be my guest.. if you can make him do something without a cuss or a middle finger or an ass being shown as a fuck you.. then you are better than us.. with that.. i took him on as a YF and a mentor and a father figure.. sure.. he still went home.. sure he still slept around his own house.. but he spent more and more time around mine.. as the year went on. soon.. i started to understand him.. his rebellion.. his attitude.. and i loved him even more. eventually.. we shared 50 / 50 of where he chose to stay.. mine or his parents.. his parents knew me by now.. and we were sorta on speaking terms.. like for instance... "who is feeding him tonight.. you or me?" "who is giving him the bed tonight.. you or me?" "who is ironing his school uniform tonight.. you or me?" "who is making sure he does his homework.. you or me?" i had half his stuff at my house.. and half his stuff at his house. he had two bedrooms.. two lives.. mine and his homes.. two pocket money givers.. two fathers to take him to school.. bring him home.. take him on holiday. ect ect ect.. and one christmas we even all got together and stayed in one house. it wasn't long before he came out to his parents. and his parents just took it as.. yet another mystery from this child of evil.. this gothic horror boy.. and that is when the change happend.. and i got 70% of his life. [endtext]
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