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Azov Films
According to the former azov movies makers, Azov Films is named after the Sea of Azov. The Sea is a northern section of the Black Sea, linked to the larger body through the Strait of Kerch. It is bounded on the north by Ukraine, on the east by Russia and on the west by the Crimean peninsula. Now what's the deal with those Azov Films and those Azov Boys? Some of my blog readers keep asking about those movies and honestly I can say that those clips are not entirely tolerated now. I really try to stay away from such controversial topic which does likely attract criticism from a large number of people. I searched the internet about Azov Films and I figured out that those movies were utterly legal. People could buy them without any trouble using their credit cards online or even in malls and CD shops.. but not anymore. Frankly I would make a strong complaint about the content of those clips and I wonder how was the Canadian company responsible for producing and distributing Azov Films given legal permission to do so.. Anyway, I understand that many liked those movies and I'm not going to qestion that. Azov Films Films list and information: I watched a documentary about those clips and I got some information about the content. Sorry I don't have the title of the clips because the source did not mention them for the majority of the movies are not allowed to be bought or watched now. After spending the entire summer having fun and goofing off, on September 1 it was back to school for Vlad and his friends where there is no fun at all. It was a long week full of reading, writing and arithmetic! These boys couldn't wait for Saturday to come because they knew ZZ would be by to whisk them off to the coast of Crimea for a little excitement. 

Movie 1: Vlad is always bursting with energy (it must be all the coffee he drinks) and you rarely see him without a smile. That personality and great attitude is what makes him so much fun to be around. In Vladik's Fun we get to see what Vlad and Cy did on that fantastic Saturday afternoon. Vladik jumps on a "4-wheeler" and goes from a pool to an arcade and then meets Ars for a game of Billiards. His buddy Cy tries on a new pair of roller-skates and takes a tour along the shore. Vlad and Cy are good friends, but on this Saturday, when the sun goes down, it's back to the hotel where friends become foes in an all out, winner-take-all,  chess match..

 Movie 2: Let Vlad and Arn be your hosts as you tour some historical areas around Crimea. You'll see some great castle architecture hundreds of years old and view some interesting, almost gothic-like statues. Afterwards, you can't miss the great European and beach culture before you join the boys and their friends for some of their own castle architecture.

 Movie 3: Koktebel Koktebel is located in the beautiful vacation area of Ukraine known as Crimea. Situated in the southern part of Ukraine, Crimea is surrounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Each year thousands of people vacation in this special part of the world and spend countless hours soaking up the precious warm sun with their family and a few close friends. Filmmaker ZZ (Crimean Capers, Puppy Dog Tails, The Rose of Youth, Wild Riders) once again returns to Koktebel and brings us a candid look at his vacation with their most popular people.

azov films

 Movie 4: Dirty Digs & Silly Splashes: On the heels of the extremely popular Crimean Vacation Part 1, heading  back to Koktebel with all the boys  from The Rose of Youth, Wild Riders! In Part 2 they check out some of the European beach culture. Afterwards you can "Choose Your Own Adventure" and either go skinny dipping and play in the mud with Vlad  and friends at a popular Ukrainian beach or head to the sauna for a splashing good time with some acrobatic stunts and picture taking.

- Movie 5: Once again popular photographer ZZ is back with his boys!  This time, Vlad and Roman (Wild Riders, Crimean Vacation 1) take you on a bicycle journey through the countryside and to a beautiful, secluded beach off the coast of Crimea. There you'll join the boys for a comfortable skinny dip and a light snack before some relaxing conversation while sunbathing on the tranquil sea. Then, unwind at the end of the day with Vlad on his catamaran and watch as he demonstrates (and explains) some of his swimming techniques.

- Movie 6: ZZ's boys are back, and this time they are in Alushta, Ukraine.  Sunday is typically meant for resting and relaxing; a chance to take a breather before the start of another long week of school.  Vlad and Arn have other ideas on this Sunday!

First, the boys pedal their "supped up" dirt bikes to the coast and have some fun on an inflatable waterslide.  After everyone gets a turn on the slide, Vlad and Arn (Vladik's Fun) split up from the rest of their friends and head off to the beach.These boys certainly aren't shy about their bodies either and it doesn't take them too long to get comfortable and take a refreshing skinny dip.  Then, with the help of some inflatable tubes Vlad and Arn sun themselves and even display some fun during a friendly wrestling match..
- Movie 7: As the summer comes to an end and the days begin to get shorter, Azov Films’ star Vlad wants just one more opportunity to bask in the warm Crimean sunshine with his buddies before winter.  Join Vlad and best friends Cy and Roman, and their new friend, 13-year-old Alexander, as they enjoy the final days of summer, 2006. When Vlad found out that his best buddies Arsen and ZZ were going to northern Ukraine to spend the weekend at a resort, he just had to go too...and bring six more friends!  Vlad & Friends Return is the second part of this double-bill that features eight rambunctious fourteen-year-olds who have so much energy to burn.
azov films

- Movie 8: The southern coast of Crimea is a fantastic area for swimming, sailing and rock climbing. But what is there to do during the winter months? Bowling, billiards and a competitive game of Twister is what Vlad and his friends do when there's nothing else to do.

- Movie 9: Shakespeare once said, "He wears the rose of youth upon him," nothing is more true to that quote than in this fantastic film! Youthful exuberance is on full display when our buddies from Barefooted and Holiday Fun 3 get together for some fun at an amusement park! After that it's back home for a snack and a friendly wrestling match to see who's the strongest. It's too cold outside for swimming, but that doesn't stop these energetic lads from heading  indoor banya for some skinny dipping.

- Movie 10: In the footsteps of the extremely popular Vlad's Mountain Retreat, teenage friends Cy and Andrew grab their mountain bikes and drive out the the Crimean  Forest.  The boys shed their clothing, don their rock climbing gear and attempt to climb the small hills and trees.  Luckily, someone thought of packing a light lunch for a picnic.

- Movie 11: Vlad is back with best friends Arn and Rom!  In this release, Vlad and the boys bike ride out to a secluded resort a 1800 nd into the forest.  Once there they strip down and strap on the rock climbing gear to tackle a small mountain.  After working and stretching their little muscles to the point of exhaustion, they all sit back for a rest and some lunch.  
azov films

- Movie 12: As the school year fast approaches and summer comes to a close, Sasha, Vladimir, Andrey, Igor and Artem take it upon themselves to go out with a group!  Rest assured, the boys are well aware that the 7th grade will bring hard work, and even harder homework, and it certainly won't be as fun as the afternoon they plan on spending in the water and at the sauna.  ZZ is an abbreviation for Zverozub - he's Rusanov Igor (born in 1957), Simferopol, candidate of geographical science, associate professor of tourism Tauride National University. VI Vernadsky in Ukraine. This is the guy who films those boys in his azov films DVDs which I personally find some of those clips okay. However, the majority of the clips are totally inappropriate. 
These are more productions:
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Azov Films - Winter Boys (2010)                                           

Azov Films - Winter Play Inside(2010)

Andrey and friends

Azov Films - Boys of Europa - Disc1(2009) - сцены из разных фильмов
Azov Films - Boys of Europa - Disc2(2009)

Azov Films - Aviators, The (2009)

Azov Films - Azov Beach, The (2009)

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Azov Films - Matter of History 2
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Azov Films - Anton
Azov Films - Barefooted
Azov Films -  Lazy Days
Azov Films - At the beach with Sasha
Azov Films - At the Park with Sasha
Azov Films - Out & About with Sasha
Azov Films - Sasha & Friends d1
Azov Films - Sasha & Friends d2
Azov Films - Sasha Friends Return
Azov Films - Bikes And Backstroke
Azov Films - Boy Fights 3 (Friends vs Friends)
Azov Films - Boy Fights 4 - Tickle Me! - No Mercy
Azov Films - Boy Fights 9 Sticky Water Wiggles
Azov Films - Boy Fights 07 Water Wiggles - Part 1
Azov Films - Boy Fights 08 - More Water Wiggles
Azov Films - Boy Fights 5 Oil Wrestling
Azov Films - Boy Fights 21 - Commando Christmas
Azov films - Boy Fights 10
Azov Films - Boy Fights 20 Late Night Party
Azov Films - Boy Fights 26 Buddy Brawl
Azov Films - Boy Fights 28 - Holiday (Disc 2)
Azov - Boy Fights 24 - Loredan Wiggles
Azov - Boy Fights 26 - Bonus Disk
Azov Films - Boy Fights 13 - Water Wiggles Going Commando
Azov Films - Boy Fights 22 - Commando Knights
Azov Films - Boy Fights 06 - Oil Wrestling - Vlaviu vs Raul
Azov Films - Boy Fights 07 - Water Wiggles - Part 2
Azov Films - Boy Fights 17 Slippery Vlaviu Commando Wiggles
Azov Films - Boy Fights 16 Vlaviu Wiggles
Azov Films - Boy Fights 18 - Commando Squared
Azov Films - Boy Fights 27 Pugilistic Pals
Azov Films - Beyond Boy Fights
Azov films - Sticky Quadwiggles_ Boy Fights XXIII  (23)
Boy Fight 7 - Tomi8s Visit
Azov Films - Beyond Boy Fights Bonus Disk
Azov Films - Vladik & Sanja's Camp Outукк 
Azov Films - Crimean Vacation Part 1 Koktebel
Azov Films - Crimean Vacation Part 2 (Beach Play)
Azov Films - Crimean Vacation Part 3 Beach Soccer
Azov Films - Scenes From Crimea Vol.3
Azov Films - Scenes from Crimea Vol.2
Azov Films - Horsing Around!
Azov Films - Magic Land
Azov Films - Marc In The Sun
Azov Films - Mowgli And The City Boys
Azov Films - On The Land And In The Water
Azov Films - Sandy Bottoms
Azov Films - Spring Cleaning
Azov Films - Summer Autumn Winter 1
Azov Films - Summer Picnic
Azov Films - Sunday Boys
Azov Films - Sunday In the Country
Azov Films - The Angler
Azov Films - Vladik Anthology 12-14
Azov Films - Vladik Anthology 11-13
Azov Films - Vladik Excursion Day 1
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Azov Films - Vladik Spring Break
Azov Films - Vladik's Mountain Retreat
Azov Films - Vladik & friends Game Day
Azov Films - Vladik Farm
Azov Films - Vladik Deleted Scenes
Azov Films - Country Boy 1
Azov Films - At The Beach With Sasha disk 2
Azov films - POV
Azov Films - September in Portugal
Boy Fights 2 disk 1 (Alex vs Vlaviu, Round 1)
Boy Fights 2 disk 1 (Alex vs Vlaviu, Round 2)
Boy Fights XI - Waterwiggles Going Commando
Boy Fights XII Water Wiggles Continues

Azov Films - Parkour boys

Azov Films - Wild Riders

Azov Films - Winter Wonders

Azov Films - Beaches and Dominoes

Azov Films - Summer Friends At Balaton

Azov Films - May Day In Odessa (famely)
Azov Films - The Pioneers
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Azov Films - Cutting_Room_Floor

Azov Films - Cutting Room Floor 2

Azov Films - Cutting Room Floor 3

Azov Films - Cutting Room Floor 4

Azov Films - 49

Azov Films - 4 Igor (2010)

Azov Films - Bowlerdome2010

Azov Films - Winter Boys (2010)      

Azov Films - Fkk Brasov (2009)

Azov Films - It's a Boy Thing

Azov Films - Matter Of History 3 (2008)

Azov Films - Otto_Heiss_Collection

Azov Films - Skate Brats (2010)

Azov Films - Snowballers (2010)

Azov Films - The Boys Club
Azov Films - Vladik & Friends
Azov Films - Winter Play (2009)
Azov Films Vintage - FKK Athletes Of The Sun
Azov Films Vintage - FKK Resort Mayhem

Azov Films - FKK Paul

Azov Films - FKK Paul + Calin's Home Video (2011)

Azov Films - FKK Wilderness

Azov Films - A River in Nepal

Azov Films - BF_v2.0__FKK_On_Tour

Azov Films - Igor x 3

Azov Films - Oskars Independence Day

Azov Films - Under Palms at The Ocean

Azov Films - Chinese
Azov Films - Skating Boys

Azov Films - The Azov Gym

Azov films - BF v2.0_ Black Sea 2.0 [1-disc]

Azov films - BF v2.0_ Black Sea 2.0 [2-disc]

Azov films - BF v2.0_ Black Sea 2.0 [3-disc]

BF v2.0_ Salt Mine (2010)                                                 


Azov films - FKK Andrei

Azov films - FKK Summer Heat

Azov films - Naturist Crimea (disc 1)

Azov films - Naturist Crimea (disc 2)

Azov films - Swim Meet

Azov Films - BF v2.0 FKK Waterlogged
Azov Films - Czech Mates

Azov films - Raw Rewind [1-disc]

Azov films - Raw Rewind [2-disc]

Azov films - Raw Rewind bonus

Azov Films - Rollerdome

Azov Films - The Picnic

Azov Films - Fkk Moldavian Forest

Azov  Films - Twister With Igor

Azov Films -  In Training

Azov Films - Basket Friends (disc 2).mpg

Azov Films - Boy Fights 25

Azov Films - Fire Boys
Azov Films - FKK Ranch Party Games
Azov Films - Ranch Party Games Bonus
Azov Films - Scenes From Crimea Vol.1.mpg
Azov Films - Scenes from Crimea Vol.5
Azov Films - Scenes from Crimea Vol.6
Azov Films - Spring (2010)

Azov films - Boy Fights 1

Azov Films - FKK Indian Ranch

The Azov  Water Park
Azov Films
Baikal Films  - Let's Dance
Baikal Films - Barbell Buddies

Baikal Films - After school break

Baikal Films - Cool Dudes

Baikal Films - Fast Feet

Baikal Films - Flip Turn Disc1

Baikal Films - Flip Turn Disc2

Baikal Films - Fun Fight Friends
Baikal Films - God's Little Angels
Baikal Films - High School Cadets
Baikal Films - High River
Baikal Films - Hippodrome Boys
Baikal Films - KickBoxing Boys
Baikal Films - Hornbeam Sauna
Baikal Films -Judo High Jinks
Baikal Films - Karate Boys
Baikal Films - Little Champs
Baikal Films - Little Champs 2 - Young Siberian Boys Greco-Roman Wrestling
Baikal Films - Little Pugs 1
Baikal Films - Little Warriors 1
Baikal Films - Little Warriors 2
Baikal Films - Rose of Youth 2
Baikal Films - Siberian Scouts Adventures
Baikal Films - Slam Dunk
Baikal Films - Soccer Boys
Baikal Films - Summer by the Canal
model  boys  models
Baikal Films - The Chippendiddys
Baikal Films - Trading Punches
Baikal Films - Zhenya & Friends
Baikal - footballers

Baikal Films - Back Flip.

Baikal Films -  Merry Boys.

Baikal Films -  Little Dolphins.

Baikal Films -  Little Champs.

Baikal Films -  Happy Boys.

Baikal Films - Cossack Boys.

Baikal Films - Circus Boys.
Baikal Films - Boys Of Beslan

Baikal Films - Boys In Mud.

Baikal Films - Two Friends And A Summer Day.

Baikal Films - Tattoos, Sand, Sea and Sun.

Baikal Films - skinnydippingboys.

Baikal Films - Dima & Serge.

Baikal Films - Headlock.

Baikal Films - Vladik's Fun.
Baikal Films - Tzuki Punch.
Baikal Films - The Rose Of Youth.
Baikal Films - Paulo'S Dream.
Baikal Films - Four Naturist Buddies.
Baikal Films - Gym Boys.
Baikal Films - Sunny Boys

Baikal Azov Film - Pool Pals
Baikal Films - Boxerboys disk 1                                           

Baikal Films - Boxerboys disk 2                                           

Baikal Films - VB Village Boys  

Europa Sun - Bare Lake

Europa Sun -Kombat Kids

Europa Sun - Waterfall Boys

Europa Sun - romanian mountain getaway

Europa Sun - Winter dudes

Europa Sun Productions - Sashas Delight
Pojkart - Agde Boys 1

Pojkart - Agde Boys 2

Pojkart - An Der Blauen Adria 2

Pojkart - Capital Fellows

Pojkart - Crimean Capers

Pojkart - Felix and the Water Gun

Pojkart - Ferien sspas  1
Pojkart - A Reunion With Fernandes
Pojkart - Hansi
Pojkart - Summer in the Garden
Pojkart - Oskar And His Moped Part 1
Pojkart - Oskar And His Moped Part 2
Pojkart - Oskar In The Woods
Pojkart - Oskar - mit Ossi
Oskar And His Moped  3
Oskar and His Moped 4.avi
Oskar At The Grand Canal 4
The Speedo Boys
Pojkart - Sommerliche Fahrradtour
Pojkart - The First Day of Summer
Pojkart - Where The Crab Goes Backwards
boy links  boylinks boy blog
Pojkart - Young Caballeros 1
Pojkart - Young Caballeros 2
Pojkart- Beach Kids (River Boys 2)
Pojkart-Corsican Dreams 2
Pojkart- Puppy Dog Tails
Pojkart - zwei Jungs mit Schlauchboot
Pojkart - Birthday Boys
Pojkart - Lets Go Primitive
Pojkart - Joshci and Mario
Pojkart - Joshci- Ein Tag im Feuchbiotop
Pojkart - The Summerly Sea
Pojkart -  Felix-An den Thermopylen Part 1
Pojkart -  Felix-In poseidons Gefilde (part 2)
Pojkart - Sun in the Forest 1
Pojkart - Sun In The Forest 2
Pojkart - Sun In The Forest 3
Pojkart - Sun in the Forest 4
Pojkart - Sun In The Forest 5
The Speedo Boy
Pojkart - an afternoon by the sea
Pojkart - Beach games
Pojkart -Mario-die alternative sportschau
Pojkart - a day at the river
Pojkart - a day at the river 2

Pojkart - Lets Go Camping

Pojkart - God Or Goat

Pojkart - Holidays_Russian_Boys

Pojkart - The Boy And The Golden Egg

Pojkart- High Spirited Boys
the beauty of  boys

Pojkart - Training day with the karate boys disk_2

Pojkart - Beach Artists
Pojkart - Good Fishing (Oskar)
Pojkart - Summer portraits
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Pojkart - Indian Boys

Pojkart - Rebelo water from the moonftm                                   

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Pojkart - The Gang of Wet Rascals                                         

Pojkart - War is stupid (WIS) 
Krivon - Peter Pan - Sven#1

Krivon - A 124  Kolja

Krivon - A 125 part 1 Kolja

krivon - A 125 part 2 Kolja

Krivon - A 126 part 3 Kolja

Krivon - Alexander Junge Jahre C-1

Krivon - Artim & Friend  Friends from Poland
Krivon - Fotostudio 87 - Dima - Teil 1
Krivon A-192
Krivon - Fotostudio 38] Best A-138
Krivon A-131 (Alescha)
Krivon A-165
Krivon A-114
Krivon A-115
Krivon a-137 (Daniiel, Alescha & Ilja)
Krivon - Crazzy  Mobil
Krivon - Sauna Contest 5
Boys in Speedo
Krivon -  Lunch Time
Krivon - Boys of Magic Land 4
Krivon-Sauna Contest 3 - Vladik
Krivon - Prince Of Magic Land
Krivon -  JdW-72
Krivon -194

Krivon A-142 (Martin)

Krivon - Sascha Teil 3 - A-120

Krivon - Happy Boyz 1

Krivon - Happy Boyz 3
Krivon - Dima
Krivon -  Fotostudio 67

Krivon - A 136

Krivon - A-195 (Alex & Ilja)

Krivon - Basket Friends 1 Disc 1

Krivon - Peter Pan - Sven 2

Krivon - Sascha and Lescha Vol3

Krivon - A-145 (Andrej, Ilja&Alik, )          

Krivon - Vacation Fun 1                                                   

Krivon - Young Years 9                                                    

Krivon A-135 (Erik&Edik)                                           

Krivon A-160 (Nikolaj & Andrej-3)                                         

Krivon-Asia 01_1                                                          

Krivon-C-5 - Young Years 5
Summer Friends Part 1                                                     

Summer Friends Part 2                                                     

Summer Friends part 3

Slidshow - Peter And The Desert Riders
FKK RUSS KRIVON - Young Year         
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