En Tu Ausencia - In Your Absence

I have been to Southern Spain in 2008. I had a tremendous appreciation to the areas away from the cities and large towns. People there were very friendly in Sevilla. The region boats some of the most beautiful countryside in the Medeteranian. That whole atmosphere brings me back to the coming-of-age master piece  En Tu Ausencia. The Spanish movie about Pablo the main character, a role perfomed by Gonzalo Sanchez Salas.
Gonzalo Sanchez Salas as Pablo in En Tu Ausencia
In fact, Pablo bears a passing resemblance to any boy here in  the Tunisian countryside both physically and emotionally. They are both strangely resilient no matter what they had experienced. However, the protagonist here who is a 13-year-old boy Pablo happens to be a little bit different because he clearly feels swamped by guilt about what happened to his dad. The father’s death left him with an overwhelming sense of guilt. Pablo thinks he is totally responsible for the ladder accident. Pablo wants to have a dad instead of the lost one and that’s why he trusted the stranger man not caring for any certain risks involved.
Pablo and Julia (En Tu Ausencia)
The stranger man in return happens to be Pablo’s friend who has just come over on a visit and then the intensive relationship between the young teen boy and the stranger guy. Things started great firstly and Pablo seemed to have found the new dad he has always wanted. Paco Likes Pablo in return and that was obviously manifested through their firm hugs and warm smiles. This fact had affected Pablo’s relationship with Julia, an older teen girl who feels lonely and extremely bored in a place which is not interesting at all. An atmosphere which makes her totally dissatisfied and impatient. She suddenly dislikes Pablo and become slightly angry but the young boy did not expect such behaviour of obvious jealosy. She describes him to be in a gay relationship with his new lover.

Pablo & Paco (En Tu Ausencia)

En Tu Ausencia has been a subject of great controvercy between America and the rest of the world, which is something very common in the history of film making. The movie is largely appreciated in Europe, Latin America and Asia but ,of course, Northen America has its usual disagreements and views of moral issues especially those related to coming-of-age films. Noel’s film contains nude scenes and other scenes involving boys puberty behaviour. This nudity material is considered normal and even noble in most countries especially Western Europe and South America. It depicts the very development behaviour of young teen  adolescent boys going through physical and emotional changes in their lives. Clearly a healthy manifestation of the human behavioural problems. I hope American critics are familiar with the term behaviourism. Thus dealing with nudism scenes in cinema should be more appreciated but this does not mean that such movies scenes should never be open to criticism or doubt. Things can be only be judjed in reasonable ways.

Gonzalo Sanchez Salas as Pablo in En Tu Ausencia

Small Movies- Great Ambition

Thank you Dr. Jason for sharing your feelings and your appreciation for my best blog follower Jeremy's work! Unfortunately his YouTube account is no longer active as it has been removed by YouTube staff under the usual pretexts. I don't think Jeremy disappeared from the scene anyway. I'll do my best to find him again and ask him, amongst other things, which software he used. Yes, more to come, I own some other Jeremy movies. Think "Let's Dance Movie" was created in 2011, just think what he could do, or could have done, with his skills and taste, by means of the more recent technology!
Watch the tonality of the colors of the pastels in the photograph you sent to me, They are colors which are true, intense, natural and profound. I am quite surprised to be able to see them so well on my screen, which is certainly not a high-quality one. The fact that the pastels you used had been packed inside packs of cardboard is irrelevant. Inside those packs of cardboard there were beautiful pastels. This is what counts. And let me say that the more I get old, the more it counts. And it is weird! Watching the colors of these pastels, give me the same emotion I feel when I watch the entire work especially the beautiful nature views. Perhaps because they also are true, intense, natural and profound.
I am so angry - Picture by YouBoiz
I really do encourage guys to reveal their art works and I'm kind of frustrated about how they are banned from such a great famous youtube. I can tell there is no resonable reason to delete their short movies but let's hope their small cinema works would be more appreciated in the future. They just need to take a tremendous amout of consideration into the copyright issues, that's all.

Manny and Rufus

The other day I saw this new Nickelodeon film called Rufus and it's a short movie indeed only 50 minutes long. It stares Jace Norman who also plays an other character Henry Danger. The story is about a dog that turns into a boy. The only difference is usually in other TV shows and films is about the kid turning into a dog and the dog would remain stuck as a dog and the kid of course wouldn't like it but in Rufus it's totally the opposite because the dog turns into a boy. So it's an unusual film. The movie starts out very with those bad guys after a magic amulet which they were trying to steal and  the guy that owns the amulet who lost it and eventually this boy called Manny (role played by Davis Cleveland) finds it when he was playing with his pet dog outside at the park downtown.
Jace Norman and Davis Cleveland in Rufus

Jace Norman and Davis Cleveland in Rufus
Manny who is new in town trying to fit in at school and has a cruch on a student there and the only friend in the world for him is his dog Rufus. Manny puts the amulet around his pet's neck wishing that his dog would be like his best boy friend which obviously he is but he's not a boy. So Manny wakes up the next morning and found out that his dog turned out to a boy, a role played by Jace Norman. This film is pretty funny and it had lots of good jokes with Rufus basically not knowing how to act like a human. He does lots of silly things like chasing squirrels and soccer balls. When a teacher at school tells him to sit down he literally sits down on the ground like dogs do. Sometimes Rufus would smell people inappropriately just like a dog would do in real life. One thing I think would have been done to make this film better is technically the amulet can do anything that you want. You could put the amulet around your neck and wish to be a super hero. But they didn't do that for this movie, they basically went with one wish. It's like finding a jinnie lamp as you can wish for anything. Manny could have wished for anything he wants because he saw the work of the amulet on his dog eventhough he did not really mean that his pet turns into a boy. He just could grab the amulet put it around his neck and wishes for being top kid at his school for example. He didn't try none of that which is a little bit silly. The story line did not go further with the idea of the amulet.
Jace Norman and Davis Cleveland in Rufus

Jace Norman and Davis Cleveland in Rufus
I Think this film was just a cash in because Nickelodeon knows Henry Danger is a big hit. They know that if they hire Jace Norman to play an other role in a movie they can make lots of money. And I think that's the main reason Rufus film was made. Alot of real life tv movies starring kids these days are getting really old. I know they are popular with films like High School Musical. But anyway the amulet of Rufus was destroyed by the bad guys and he was stuck as a dog again forgood. But it wasn't a sad ending because Rufus is meant to be a pet afterall and eventually Manny ends up being top boy at school. It is basically a happy ending. I guess I give this film a 7 out of 10 because in terms of story it doesn't really go far and it doesn't really fascinate everyone. If Nickelodeon decided to work harder making the story of this film nice and long and "more funny" with more creative ideas, they could 've made this a cinema movie on the big screan. However many people would disagree with me because they love Henry Danger as knwon as Jace Norman.  

Boy Of The Terraces: My Personal Memories

This world really is in a sad and sorry state in so many ways nowadays. Don't get me wrong, though. I do love the good, positive things about most technological advancements and the Internet, but I just wish that these things weren't *everywhere* constantly and driving people apart. That's why I don't have a cell phone either, nor do I have any other little gadgets and gizmos that are designed to make it so that you're "plugged in" all day every day. I have my laptops, and that's good enough for me, and I pretty much never take those with me when I leave the house. In fact, I can't remember the last time that I did. I don't need to be "plugged in" all the time. As a Tunisian guy who spent all his childhood in the old city of Tunis where the events of "Boy of the Terraces" took place, I do really wish that there were still a strong sense of community in neighborhoods nowadays and that people didn't have this initial fear of each other that they do with people they don't know, that lack of trust that has been hammered into society over time. There's nothing wrong with being cautious, but it's gotten to the point to where most people think that if, for example, as a boy in Alhalfaouine you go to the women's public bath when you were 10 or 12, you're probably out to get hurt and bullyed by your friends or even the women inside. 
Slim Boukhdir in Boy of the Terraces
It was a tradition for us back then but not anymore these days..I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I ever did enjoy those times which the producer of the movie has exposed them magnificently, although I know I don't have to worry about that since I never would anyway because just the mere thought of missing my old neighborhood is appalling to me. I absolutely *love* to see me live like those days as an other " Noura" feeling good and being happy and building my self esteem in a very conservative environment, and in the same way it hurts me tremendously to see how much changes destroying that wonderful traditional Tunisian lifestye..

Lasse Nielsen Films

Lasse Nielsen is a Danish 1970s films producer born on April 15 1950 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark's one of best known film makers with sensitive subjects being dealt with publicly. Lasse Nielson is a great mark in European cinema for coming-of-age movies manifested in many tremendous works of art such as You Are Not Alone (Du er ikke alene) released in 1978 for which he got the Chicago's internation festival of film award and also La' os være released in 1975 for which he got the Festival of Berlin award.
Du er ikke alene film making of 1977

Du er ikke alene final scene
During his training, Lasse Nielson said he prefered to speak through images rather than writing. Shortly after he graduated he produced his first film La' os være. He collaborated with the Danish composed Sebastian in many of his works. You Are Not Alone (Du er ikke alene is a unique 1970s film. For those of you who enjoy coming of age videos as much as I do you may relate to my appreciation of the relashionship between the two boy protagonists form, their unique attributes, their ability to do so many things, their ability to be playful and serious at all stages of the movie.

La' os være making of 1974
They are just as prone to prove they can throw a ball farther than others as they are to prove they can do whatever they like and love. Of course,  nowadays society will do what it can to crush their innate desire. 
Lasse Nielson's 1970s vintage films were considered okay during that era but they are somehow making a big deal of controversy especially now in the United States because of the subjects being treated and also due to the "infamous" nudity scene of Bo (15 years old) and Kim (12 years old) having a  shower together. Nielson was asked about that in 2011 for a possibilty of remake of  the film and he replied with his very famous statement: "No, I don’t believe the film could be made today. We have an unfortunate situation of self-censorship these days." Nielson's films are Danish, and among most Europeans, South and Central Americans... actually, most of the world that is not English speaking, young boys relashionships is a right of passage, not an abuse.

Boys being curious about it and wanting to esperience love when they're  young is part of the normal culture. And, the idea of a boy being curious about his sexuality is considered noble.You'll find it in a LOT of movies, with the 13/14 year old boy having his first real  experience. And the general cultural impression of this is, "Yep, that makes sense."

Other Kind Of Fans

Jacob Sartorius
This is a very special post as it is about an other kind of love which is in most cases hidden and so secretive. What if a regular boy fan has a crush on an other celebrity boy! Yes it sounds so awkward but there are almost a hundred Emails sent to us about that! First let me talk about  Jacob Sartorius and he is certainly so cute, and his confidence makes him hotter. Been around celebrities. Some are quite needy, and pluck at your heart strings, but, in the end, they are celebrities. Most of the people around them are insincere and just using them. They don't understand genuine relationships. They cannot have them. And, I've found, no matter how cute and succesful the boy star is , you can find a nice  and maybe more intelligent and succesful boy down on the beach to appreciate, who is just as beautiful, if not cuter. Without the glaring spotlights, constant spies, and general insincerity. And you can see Joacob made all that and with all his simple lifestyle. 

But anyway, they'll naturally assume, no matter how good you are to them, or how much you love them, that you're as false as all the others who claim to genuinely care, but really don't. And, they are as likely to turn on you out of convenience, as anything else. Also, celebrities love attention. If the fame starts to fade, going on a big talk show and confessing they were not treated good is a guaranteed way to get back in the headlines, get a few new starring roles, and have a shot at rekindling a flagging career. Seen it more than a few times. But anyway I wish all luck to Jacob Sartorius and I wish him a very awesome celebrity career especially in his singing and his new vlogging channel which appears to be very interesting and cool with all those funny videos of him. Just do a very quick search on YouTube: Jacob Sartorius and you'll get amazing videos results. I had an E-mail from this 13-year-old boy  who is a fan of Jacob Sartorius and I don't know how to react to his text as he said he just wants to write some words, even if he feels kind of being  just a lurker. He says he has the big luck, to have some wonderful boys around him almost every day. They are the reason he likes his life. Specially to one of them he is in deep love and he means Jacob Sartorius. He says wow, what a wonderful boy he is! But then, there comes the moment, Jacob had to leave . That´s making him so sad all the time. It is so hard to stand that moment and the time he is missing him.

So his life is full of great pleasure as he mentioned in his message. But there is also so much time he feel lonely and only want to have Jacob close to him. So at the end: complicated life. He finally asked us: Any of you have the same problem and suggestions, how to stand it?
So for an answer first I really don't mind anyone being gay or anythingelse he is and not he wants because I do believe  that is not a choice. The intensity of your sadness is equal to the intensity of your happiness. The more you'll be happy, the more you'll be sad. In my opinion, you should try to be a little less happy when the boys are around you, and a little less sad when they are away. In other words, you should try to control your emotions by actively evening out the intensity of your feelings. You can only do this by SLIGHTLY detaching yourself from anyone you love when they are around you BUT you'll feel them closer to you when they are away. By doing this, it may seem you renounce something, but actually you gain the smooth colors you didn't see before. The world is not just either black (your sadness) or white (your happiness), but instead a beautiful scale of grays (your smooth emotions).

Happy People

I got too many E-mails from people asking me questions about the young star Joseph Mrabet. This boy is a pleasant surprise in the Tunisian Happy People series. As a Tunisian guy, I've watched all the episodes and that young guy is so astonishing with his amazing performance in the role of Aziz. Joseph is a pleasant surprise of the whole work presented by director Smiri. Aziz is so influenced by his unresponsible father, played by famous actor Abelli, both addicted to the internet and flirting with women and girls.

Joseph was noticed through his famous youtube channel where he used to criticize local TV shows in a very funny way with his friends. Their little videos caught the attention of director/producer M. Smiri and he was chosen to perform the role of Aziz in Happy People. Joseph says his acting experince was successful with Sawsen Malej who plays the role of his mom.

Joseph says that he got big encouragement from his crew including cameramen who gave him a big boost to gain more confidence and to be able to "snipe" the viewr's laughter. In Tunis International Radio, he said that the show had big criticism frompeople who confirm that almost all jokes in the series are stolrn from local facebook pages about jokes but he denies any of that.

Azis is the perfect portrait of the naughty boys, so annoying who just imitates his father's behaviour. However, although all that bad behaviour he keeps studying hard and taking good care of his school and homework. Personally, I think this is a good beginning of the "American-way" funny TV series and by the way this is the first time Tunisian TV views watch that kind of comedy. All I can say is keep up the good work Joseph.


David Arnott, the protagonist, is a 12-year old boy whos mother works as a dancer in a night club decides to protect his mom and work so that she quits her job which the boy sees as a very inappropriate behavior. Criss tries his best even dealing with dangerous guys to provide money illegally so his mom leaves the night club job. Such a noble effort made by the kid who even seems to be engaged in some sort of a gay relationship with other dudes but it is not the case as he does not have any gay tendencies at all. That is clearly revealed through his relationship with his girlfriend. I saw the film a couple of times and I really do like the way Criss rides his bike shirtless with his jeans short shorts, something very common in Florida with a hot weather. The first time i watched this movie was back in 1993 on the old laserdisc format and i waited so long years so MGM releases the DVD version of it which is of course way very nicer as it allowed me to better watch the beauty of Criss, one of the nicest boys in cinema history. The film is produced by Goldie Hawn and it is rated R for nudity and vulgarity. The story line is an amazing family tragedy as it is broken since the father had left his wife and boy alone facing harsh conditions.

The father who used to work as a bomber airplane pilot abandoned his family because he had rough times after targeting  an orphanage during the Vietnam war leaving his wife Tracy, who happens to be the producer of the film, alone struggling raising her son Criss. She decides to work as a dancer in a nightclub and she tries to hide that reality but later the boy discovered what his mom does to get pay their bills. The shock for him was tremendous when he saw he on stage.

David Arnott in CrissCross

During those events it is so obvious that Tracy tries to show her dramatic skills but it did not work without the great performance of David Arnott, a coming of age troubled young teen boy with all his innocence and vulnerability. However what I don't really understand is why David Arnott didn't make an other movie after CrissCross despite his powerful performance. It's really so frustrating to not watch such a fine boy in other films. But anyway, Chris Menges did a great job not to mention Sott Sommer's nice story.

David Arnott in CrissCross

CrissCross is a real masterpiece, a wonderful combination of very touching drama and boys beauty. Criss has survived two massive turning points in his life as his dad left him and his mom then his mom herself made him look very embarrassed as she does what he thinks something very dishonorable and even a betrayal to the memories of his father. And that made the beautiful boy do several side jobs including dangerous ones to make his mom stop. David Arnott resembles River Phoenix both in his boy beauty and his unforgettable performance and I should also thank the director who dipped the viewers into the world of the 1970's when boys looked prettier.

Responding To My Reader's Messages

Thank you very much for responding, and thank you for letting me know about that guy who can hopefully get me a copy of that video about the boy singer Matteo. Although it is grainy and of poor quality, I'd still love to have it because it's still a wonderful "screen gem", as I call them.
Oh, and this is unrelated to all that, but I also just wanted to mention to you real quick that -- well, first I need to tell you that I'm an overnight security guard at a hotel, and anyway, the point is that for the past couple of days, we've had a music boys bund, staying at the hotel, and I've been seeing a lot of them in the mornings because we have a very good hot breakfast there and as someone who works at the hotel, I'm allowed to have it for free, so I always do before I leave in the morning, and these past couple of days the restaurant in the hotel where the breakfast is served has been filled with bunches of cute boy singers, so I've had plenty of great eye candy to go along with my breakfast. I absolutely love it when boy artists or a group of boys from a school or something like that stay at the hotel, and I always feel so sad and upset when they end up checking out.

And now speaking of the main singer Matteo, I wish I could listen to his beautiful songs all every single day somehow. More than that, I really wish I could be very involved with his crew all and be a positive part of their precious work. ...But unfortunately I rarely end up getting to talk to any of them. I'm kicking myself now too because earlier this morning when I was eating breakfast, I saw one of the crew, who I know is named Isaac only because I heard one of the music team call him that on one of the mornings when he said good morning to him -- anyway, I saw this one guy named Isaac, who looks to be about...thirteen or fourteen if I had to guess, put waffle batter in one of the waffle-making machines and then he walked away to the far opposite corner of the room where he was sitting while it was cooking and when it beeped and he didn't get up to get it for a while 'cause I guess maybe he didn't hear it or he didn't know that that was his waffle timer that was beeping and not someone else's, and I thought to myself, "Now's my chance to have a reason to talk to him 'cause I should go over to him and tell him that the timer for his waffle beeped and that he'd better get it soon or it'll end up being burned." Unfortunately, though, I got all shy like I do a lot of times and I hesitated to go over to where he was sitting to tell him that, and then he ended up getting up shortly after that and got his waffle out anyway, so I missed my opportunity to have an excuse to talk to him. 
Even if that's all I ended up saying to him and all he said back to me was something like, "Oh, thanks," or something real quick and simple like that and we never ended up talking again, even just that one little bit of all-too-brief interaction with him would have been like gold to me and it would be a wonderful memory that I would hold dear and cherish forever. I know that probably sounds silly and ridiculous, but even just getting to interact with those guys especially Matteo at all is so wonderful of an experience to me. ...Like I said, I'm really kicking myself for not jumping up right away to do that now.

Let's Be Friends 1978

I think one thing that makes the "Let's Be Friends" movie so great, is that their parents really made an effort to give him something extraordinary for his birthday (they're not wealthy people, as you can see), and the kid, unlike many spoiled boys, really understood the great sacrifice their parents made. It wasn't the gift what made the day for him, it was his parents' effort. And, thanks to that, he got something he thought he would never get, so the boy was so grateful about it that you can actually feel it inside your heart. A well deserved gift for an extraordinary boy who, in that video, shows he's not only a kid that understands sacrifice (his and from his parents), but also has a soul so pure and innocent that can't believe such a good thing is actually happening to him. Another part of the film that always break my heart is when, almost at the end, he tries to give some money to his dad, like saying "you didn't have to make such a sacrifice for me, so accept this in retribution". What a lovely, extraordinary boy. 

I showed this video to a friend: She yelled at me because I was deliberately making her cry with a video. This just shows us what making kids happy is all about. The one thing we can't buy , rent or steal is a kid's unconditional love. That is what made us all tear up. That is what we all want to see. That is what makes our day, after the plane crashes and war zones and road rage at 6pm and 11pm on the telly. 
Parents who want and try to give their kids special moments deserve all the thanks we can give them. Making a kid happy today, is making a kid who will grow up and do it for more kids. The same emotions burst into me when I watched this old vintage German movie too two years ago; thought I'd be in control of things this time - NO CHANCE - tears flowed just as strongly as before. Sharing a video that had me blubbing and also made my faith in human nature that bit stronger. It's utterly a very nice film to watch.

A Jace Norman Particular Fan

This is an E-mail message sent by Monica,15, from California..All those guys filming Henry Danger look great, but that one I'm talking about named Jace lol is one of the ones who's particularly cute to me. His shorter stature with his cute  face and the way his hair is in the front on his forehead, which looks  cute on him, all together is just sooo cute to me. 

Jace Norman
He looks all cute and official in it and I feel like I wanna just throw my arms around him and pick him up in a loving embrace and just squeeze him to pieces! He's sooo freakin' *cuuuute*! ...But sadly this world is not a very friendly place, so I can't do that. ...Then again, I guess this world not being a friendly place is why I have my mom and dad watching me all the time, and as much as I love them, I'd give it up in exchange for a peaceful, loving world where people are nice and friendly with one another right off the bat without always having this huge "ice" to break. Yes I'd do that. I have never missed a single episode of Henry Danger.

I don't know if you remember this or not, but do you remember when you were little how easy it was to make friends? Like you'd just meet another kid and the two of you would just decide instantly or within minutes that you're friends and you would end up being great friends with them just like that. I remember when it was like that for me, and I wish so much that everyone would remain that way all throughout their lives, but sadly this extremely corrupt world has ways of making people so much less trusting and more apprehensive about being friends with someone so easily. 

Jace Norman in Henry Danger
Another one of Jace who really caught my eye is this taller boy, probably older than Jace,  who is the son of one of the cameramen, which I know because I heard him call him "Dad". This taller boy, in addition to his beautiful face, has this really great shaggy blond hair all around his head that covers his ears. I *love* that look on boys. Actually, that's always how I have my hair too. Thankfully, it is not required of me to have my hair super short for my mom likes it that way, which I'm very glad of because I don't like having my hair too short. But anyway, needless to say, I *really* wanted to throw my arms around this other taller boy too and hug him so tight and lovingly and squeeze him to pieces.

I have sooo much love Jace, and for boys who look like him in general, and I wish so much that I could be involved in their beautiful, precious lives every day. ...But sadly I know that that won't happen, at least not while we're on Earth, because it never does and my parents don't let me have a boyfriend,  ...It *deeply* saddens me sooo much to know that, but I know that's how it always goes. ...But I do know that I *will* see all of these guys again someday on TV lol, and I know that although that seems like such a long time away, in reality, that "amount of time" is actually infinitely short, because in comparison to eternity, which is what we'll all have together at some point, any amount of finite time is infinitely small in comparison to eternity, and truthfully it's nonexistent, although that's...kind of hard to explain.

Secret World Movie

Released in 1969 in France by directors Robert Freeman and Paul Feyder manifesting the strong feelings of 11 years old François towards a girl way much older than him. The young protagonist (Jean François Vlerick) an orphan taken care by his aunt and uncle is a perfet image of a kid who is going through a pefect coming of age phase. A rebillious young man hitting on his dad's mistress.

François is a typial boy of his age desperately in need of a female attention is trying to get a mother's love which he had been looking for since he lost his mom.  Despite the movie's intriguing opening sene and the wonderful picture at that time of cinema works, it successfuly portrays the sensible nature of a child's mind. At the finale, the viewer is let to select the genre of the film as the musical score is not utterly identified with the whole piano pieces which can be associated with other genres of movies such as tragedies and even horror movies.

Jean-Francois Vlerick and Pierre Zimmer in Secret World

The view may find a slow cource of events after the exciting opening scene and frankly it's typically normal to skip some scenes of the movie in favor of reahing the next context. I've watched it and I been kind of waiting for the next event to come. The movie has a lot of focus on the kid's inner world instead of recording the course of events which ,personally, I find a little bit depressing. However, Robert Freeman who is an official photographer of the Beatles encouragment to watch the film is enough to be patient and discover Françoi's adventure.

Alec in WILDerland

I've been always a fan of the Alec in WILDerland adventure series since its beginning in 2012 and I haven't missed any episode on his official youtube channel watching his awesome survival adventures in the wilderness. As YouBoiz's blog owner, I got full permission to use some of Alec J. Fisher's pictures in this article and I'm so glad that he agrees to let me promote him among my readers and followers. From his home environment in Texas to Oklahoma, Washington to the vast valleys of South Africa, Alec in wilerland has been a tremendous achievemnt for a young guy who wants to reveal to the other kids the dangers facing various species including rhinos, black footed ferrets, sea turtles and many other cute creatures in our world. It is also a clear invitation for kids to connect with the real world out there not just being stuck with a virtual world.

Alec in WILDerland

I'm just amazed that Alec in WILDerland has not hit big time in mainstream United States. Away from internet, he has very low recognition and frankly I confirm his youtube channel should have millions of subscribers and personally I strongly think that Alec's channel is the best on the whole youtube website. Alec in WILDerland is basically a rare story which leads you ahead of time to a world that we moust protect from being hurt by our mistakes and with each different episode of the series with no rehearsals with no camera light at all as the film makers use natural light instead which makes the magnificent natural touch over the nice quality of the movies. I can say that's a unique technique adding more spice to the whole work with a licensed music capturing the emotions and feelings with a complex touch of diffirent weather in each episode. And speaking of weather, it is a challenge itself when filming but it is needed to picture the reality of the environment so they do not only pick nice days with blue sky and all to start using that camera but they film it like it is and as Alec says: We keep it real, we keep it WILD!

Alec in WILDerland


From my country's coming of age series comes Growing Up (Kberna, in Tunisian language): Boys. We follow the lives of 5 boys between the ages of 11 and 16. This coming of age film spans two years and guides us through the lives of these five volunteers as we watch them grow and mature before our very eyes.
Get an intimate look into their lives as they discuss everything from puberty to problems facing everyday life. A glimpse into the teenage boy mind told only as a boy can tell you: direct and blunt. Each boy was given their own camera to highlight aspects of their day, and give a personal diary.
An exploration of the complex male body and mind and what makes puberty for a boy a sometimes stressful and always a strange and wonderful part of growing up. A fun movie to watch. It explores the deepest parts of the male adolescent mind. This film follows 5 boys, already in various stages of puberty. For two years the coming of age cinema work cameras followed these volunteers and filmed their growth. The boys were also each given their own video camera to film their "personal diary." This version we offer was originally made for a "The Maghreb countries audience".

Kberna Making-Of. picture by YouBoiz.

Kberna is a gem if a little movie from those groundbreaking filmmakers in Tunisia. It stars the young Tamer Mohsen as Khaled, a soon to be 13 year-old Tunisian boy who thinks growing up is the worst thing in the world. His outlook on humanity and growing up is a bleak and disturbing world. His only interaction with adults is with his mother, who has very limited time for her son, and his mother’s boyfriend…a man who doesn’t exactly fit the “positive male role model” category. His outlook on adulthood is almost as bleak as the era in which this film was shot. While he slowly makes his way into puberty, he keeps a daily audio journal of all the changes his body is going through.
In search of the perfect job, his mother accepts a summer position at a hotel in the next town over. She informs Khaled that he must now spend the summer at a sleep-away camp. Khaled instead decides to “miss” the bus to the camp, turn around, and march right back home where he will spend the rest of the summer once his mother leaves. One last ditch effort to enjoy his “remaining” days as a kid. A tremendous work from the young Tunisian producer Safi Mhajba.

Movies Costumes

I don't have anything against clothing itself and I know it serves a good purpose as far as keeping us warm in the cold and that it's functional for various things. Like for example, I wouldn't want to go to work with no clothes even if I were allowed to because it wouldn't be practical because I need to wear my uniform in order to identify me as a security guard and I also need to have my duty belt with all my gear on too, so it just wouldn't be a good idea at all to go to work with nothing on. It's not clothing that I don't like. Actually, different outfits on actors make me feel different kinds of attractions to them too from the view's angle. It's like a way of "adding different flavors" to the infinite diffirent roles that they already possess. What I don't like is how clothing is misused by making it mandatory all the time and therefore it is misused as a tool of historic sets by effectively imprisoning the actors in their clothing. I hate how this world manages to corrupt *everything*. Like setting the wrong costume for a particular movie theme is a really good and useful thing in a lot of ways and for a lot of situations of various kinds.That's just absolutely ridiculous that it's actually appropriate to be in the wrong costume in a midieval serious of events within a historical film. 

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I mean, again, obviously it's not a good idea in the historical themed movies anyway, but in the films based on our time base in both cinema and TV works, there are a lot of days where it would be really nice to just be outside wearing 1930s clothes and totally comfortable, and again, if you have somewhere to go and things to do, it's not usually gonna be practical anyway because chances are you'll need to be carrying items on you like your wallet and keys and whatever else, but if you're just relaxing at home on a nice spring or summer day, there's no *legitimate* reason for why you shouldn't be able to just be totally selecting whatever costume and comfortable while you're chillin' in your yard or walking around your neighborhood or whatever but that's not the ase for an actors who should be given the chance to perform not only in the best plot or music or any movies decoration but also in a costume which pictures him/her in the best portrait of the character.

A Summer In Goulette

Once again I'd like to present to you an other nice coming of age movie from my country Tunisia. A Summer in La Goulette is one of my favourites really. The film portrays the religious tolernace in 1960s Tunisia with some love puzzles of confused young peole experiencing their first love. But again, just to be clear, like I said, I say that my attraction to this kind of cinema works is *part* of my passionate love for them rather than something separate. I love every aspect of the movie, and my attraction to it is just one of the many ways that I am passionate about them. In reality, there is nothing wrong at all with being attracted to those themes as long as respect and appreciation are the foundation for that attraction, which in my case it most certainly is, and so really my attraction to them does not make my love for them any less arbitrary than it would be without that attraction. In fact, like I said, it actually adds to it. It's also a lot more fun, enjoyable and rewarding and fulfilling to really love the experinces you're attracted to rather than to just lust for them and not care about them. I just...wouldn't do that. That's just so not me.

I know that the line between love and lust is often blurry to most people, but there's a clear difference between the two. To have attraction to some kind of movies *without* having that love and respect for them is what defines lust, where someone only desire for another but does not really care about them at all, which is a sad and terrible thing and not the way we were ever meant to understand the story of the film, and that definitely is *not* how I feel about was going on in my country back then *at all*.As far as I'm concerned, A Summer In Goulette reveals the most deepest kind of reationships which were occuring in a society where there were different people from different religions and economical status. That kind of a harmony atmosphere where all folks love eachother and there was no space for hatered or violence. Most Tunisians who saw the movie miss those peace days and that very open mentality of a community mostly affected by the French way of life.

The Future Stars Need Our Support

Okay, well, I managed to write too much again. I'm...sorry about that. Basically I was just saying that coming of age movies are the center of my universe and that watching a bunch of them, would enhance my life so much and make it to where I could get really excited about and enjoy things that I used to love so much, like video games, because I would see anyone's excitement towards these things and I would feed off of that and seeing viewers excited about these things and discussing them would not only make me feel wonderful because I love seeing people missing their coming of age days feeling good and excited and happy like that, but also seeing them excited about those things and enjoying them to the same degree that I used to when I was at that age would, like, bring that out in me again. I know it would.

young stars: picture by YouBoiz.
I forgot to mention before that I did actually get to talk very briefly with some of my childhood friends from the same middle school who were staying here in my town recently in a local hotel to spend a couple of days here. A couple of them ended up getting locked into the guest laundry room because the door to that room is kind of faulty and sometimes has problems, and one of the boys who was stuck in the laundry room called the front desk of the hotel on his cell phone and told them what happened and then they radioed to me and told me about it, but before I even got to where they were to let them out, I ended up passing by a couple of kids actors who I ended up finding out were actually the boys who had been stuck in the laundry room and they told me that one of them...did something to get out. I think they said that one of them used their key card to their room to get the door to the laundry room opened, I guess by sticking it in between the door and the wall and somehow getting it opened that way maybe. I forget now what exactly they said they did, but I do remember thinking how awesome it was that these young stars are all resourceful like that, which is so, like, characteristic of famous cinema and TV actors. I just thought that was really cute how resourceful and independent they are. They ended up having some kind of ordeal that day with their bus breaking down and having to...get... -- shoot, I forget now exactly what happened, but I remember my friends, which one of them was a father of the kids actors group, saying something about the bus breaking down that day and them having to use some other transportation. I think they ended up using the public bus system or something like that. Anyway, so basically they had some kind of mess like that and ended up, like, going all over the place or something before they were able to get where they were going or get back to the hotel or wherever they were trying to get to at the time when their bus broke down. Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning that is 'cause as I was walking by on one of my patrols, as I was about to walk by one of young actors, I heard him talking on his cell phone to someone, presumably his parents I guess, and telling them about what had happened that day, and as I was walking by him, I smiled and waved to him, and he acknowledged me and waved back. I hope they will be very successful and that they would eventually build for themselves a tremendous acting career through the coming years.

Happy People Series Discussion

Joseph Mrebet in Happy People Season 2
Yeah, it is ironic that in the USA and Europe of all places that this kind of tv series portraying family life involving kids actors is allowed to be seen frequently. I'm glad that you seem to not have taken offense to anything I said in the last thing I wrote. I didn't intend for any of it to be mean or offensive, so I'm glad it doesn't seem to have been taken that way. Oh, and let me be clear that I wasn't upset that someone else answered me back.
joseph Mrebet at Al-Qusba
The reason I said that actually was because I thought that what happened was that what I said was considered to be too "over the top" or whatever and so then, like, a "supervisor" or whatever decided to step in and answer back instead. Apparently that wasn't the case after all, I guess, but that's what I thought initially, so that's why I said what I said. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I do not intend that the Third World countries lack any awareness of making their kids involved in art works. After all, I do belong to a Third World country.

My previous articles about Happy People series in Tunisia is in fact backing up my case. Oh, yeah, I wanted to tell you also that there's a group of kids from a school or something who are actually put under test for an other tv series to be proformed for a famous TV station at the building where I work. I think they're from some middle school or something like that, although I haven't actually checked to see what exactly the group name is yet. The ones who really caught my eye are the ones coming from southern Tunisia trying to have a chance in the coming tv series with their unique southern accent. Yes,we have different accents here.

Today in the morning when they were lined up to get into the restaurant to have breakfast and I was waiting for them to go so that I could go get my breakfast too, I also noticed this kid who I didn't see before who has this confident face. I actually got to talk to a couple of other boys later on too when I was in line after I thought the whole group had already gone in to get their breakfast and then a couple more of them showed up and got in line behind me and I turned to them and offered for them to go ahead of me, but then I heard from one of the adults from the group that they only had like fifteen minutes to eat before they had to get on the bus to go to wherever they were going, and at that point I kindly insisted that they go ahead of me 'cause I didn't want to make those young future star actors late.
Happy People is the first step in my country to present the young talent actors on national TV and I hope there will be more of that because personally I think acting is not only restricted to adults but kids should be in it too.